Vaccinate or Terminate

Doctor is vaccinating

As new developments arise surrounding COVID-19, employers and employees alike must adapt to what this means for their business. Initially, these conversations arose around testing requirements, but now, as several vaccines have been released, the conversation has pivoted to discussing what employer vaccination requirements might entail.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employers can now make vaccination mandatory. Employees who refuse the vaccination and the use of PPE could also face termination. The severity of coronavirus in the workplace, including the dangers of an outbreak, could potentially put a business in a vulnerable position. According to Robin Young and Serena McMahon’s article, the liability a company could face if their employees became infected in the workplace is something employers must think through.

First Response knows how difficult it can be to adapt to the new challenges that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re here to help you work through employee communication and practices, so your decisions remain aligned with your long-term workplace goals. You’ll have access to our Employee Hotline and HR Advisor to assist you and your employees in navigating these trying times.

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