UPS Won Sexual Harassment Lawsuit by Taking Swift and Corrective Action

UPS Won Sexual Harassment Lawsuit by Taking Swift and Corrective Action

UPS employee Rochelle Hubbard filed a lawsuit against the company claiming she was a victim of tenacious offensive behavior by colleague Donald Dallas.

According to the article published on HR Hub, her first issue was Dallas’ liking for throwing plastic bags at colleagues. One night she experienced the same, and the tag left a mark on her leg.

A UPS supervisor had seen the incident and criticized him, and the company entered a disciplinary notation in Dallas’s personal record. Thus, the tag throwing behavior did not occur again.

Further, she complained that a shipping envelope thrown by Dallas struck her face. Hubbard’s supervisor spoke to Dallas and reprimanded him for failing to handle packages properly.

Subsequently, on a later date, Dallas pulled out the waistband of his pants in front of Hubbard and a male colleague. When she objected, he repeated the same motion, exposing himself.

Thus, Hubbard complained regarding the recent indecent behavior and the previous incidents to the UPS HR department. UPS supervisors took prompt action and met with Dallas, explaining the company’s sexual harassment policy and warned him regarding his harassing behavior.

Moreover, UPS transferred Dallas to a work area at the opposite end of the facility. The company warned him that more harassment or reprisal against Hubbard would result in termination.

Although Hubbard was satisfied with the prompt remedial actions taken by her company, she later filed a grievance stating that Dallas had given her dirty looks when he entered her work area while on his way to the restroom. Subsequently, she filed a lawsuit against UPS, claiming colleague sexual harassment along with other allegations. However, the case was ruled in favor of the company.

The court determined the action taken and punishment administered by UPS were appropriate in addressing the misconduct of Dallas. Thus, sexually offensive conduct did not occur again.

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