Strength Coach Chris Doyle, Resigns Amid Charges of Racism

The level of severity with which allegations of racism and sexism are taken has improved work environments. Recently the Jacksonville Jaguars’ strength coach, Chris Doyle, resigned following an outcry at hiring him as part of the coaching staff. Doyle faced severe backlash after a case was brought against him for discriminating against black players at his previous employer, the University of Iowa.


                  According to a USA Today article, the University of Iowa paid tenured Doyle a hefty $1.1 million to resign following complaints and allegations by over a dozen Black players that stated Doyle “bullied and discriminated against them.” The NFL has started to emphasize diversity in hiring as conversations surrounding race emerged during the summer of 2020. While Doyle stepping down and the Jaguars accepting his resignation is undoubtedly a good step, the fact that he was hired in the first place leaves a lot to be questioned about how NFL teams are currently handling their hiring processes.


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