Seven Former Employees Sue Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. for Racial Discrimination


Seven former black employees of Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (BGE) sued the company for a continuing deep-rooted culture of racism.

The lawsuit alleged African American employees frequently suffered discrimination, including instructors tying nooses in front of them, and the use of racial slurs.

According to Baltimore Sun, the lawsuit includes several instances where black employees faced retaliation for complaining about prejudiced outpourings to superior. They alleged a co-worker tied nooses and discussed executions in front of the black trainees.

The complaint stated that no disciplinary action was taken against the training instructor, Joseph M. Belge. However, he was later terminated subsequent to photos of Belge holding a noose was posted on social media by a terminated employee.

The claimants allege that Exelon Corp, the parent company of BGE, permitted a workplace where superiors disregarded racism, ignored qualified black candidates and employees for designations they deserve, and enforced company laws depending on the skin color of the employee.

The lawsuit further stated that six claimants were terminated for discriminatory and revengeful reasons, and among them are three employees who served the company for at least a decade.

Tonya Baña, the plaintiffs’ attorney, explained that the lawsuit seeks at least $300,000 for each of the seven claimants. The lawsuit was filed based on the Fair Employment Practices Act.

However, the actual compensation could increase with the inclusion of around 50 employees in a class-action.

BGE has denied the allegations stating the terminations were based on safety violations or conduct, such as fabricating time records and failing to adhere to drug and alcohol policies.

The BGE statement further elaborated that the company condemns discrimination, hatred, and violence. Moreover, the company is dedicated to fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and safe culture for employees and the communities they serve.

The plaintiffs’ attorney stated that she would pursue to certify a class action on behalf of other employees for unlawful terminations and bans from being employed at Exelon-owned ventures or contractors.

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