Racial Slurs Found in the Workplace

definition of racial slur

No employee should face a hostile workplace, though unfortunately that is not always the case. Racial slurs are a source of creating a hostile working environment. In January, Robert Collier took a case to the Supreme Court to answer the question of how many racial slurs in the workplace constitute a hostile working environment, according to Karen Fitzgerald’s article, “Racial Slurs in the Workplace.”

According to Fitzgerald, Collier experienced several instances of white nurses calling him “boy” and having to ride in an elevator with the N-word and two swastikas carved into the wall. The Human Resource department took no action to remove these hateful symbols after it was brought to their attention. Collier did not receive the proper response from the hospital and was eventually terminated.

First Response believes in an equitable working environment for all employees. Through education and the employee hotline, your HR team can be responsive and involved in providing both management and employees with clear expectations for company culture. The employee hotline is an excellent resource for confidentially communicating instances of discrimination or harassment. These resources help employers both prevent issues and respond appropriately.

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