Pregnancy Discrimination at Ulta

Expectant mothers frequently face pregnancy discrimination in the United States. Many women are not given enough time off to recover following their child’s birth or are expected to use sick days. A recent situation caused a former manager at the popular cosmetics chain, Ulta, to file a lawsuit due to discrimination that ultimately led to a hostile working environment.

 According to Aman Kidwai’s HR Drive article, the plaintiff was experiencing complications due to a pregnancy that was deemed “high risk.” In order to appropriately handle her safety and health, she required multiple visits to her doctor and surgery following the miscarriage she eventually suffered. Allegedly, she experienced harassment from her supervisor, who questioned why the plaintiff needed so much time off from work.                


First Response understands that your employees deserve compassionate treatment, especially in vulnerable situations. Your HR advisor will provide support you need to provide your employees with fair and considerate treatment.


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