No End in Sight: Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

A new survey was released this past week from the Hollywood Commission that found 65% of those who responded to the survey did not believe those who have participated in alleged acts of sexual harassment would be held accountable for their actions. In the wake of the #MeToo movement that shook Hollywood to its core and catapulted the gross misconduct, the survey shows the looming disparities and lack of reporting channels that exist today. 


In a USA Today articleRasha Ali writes how the survey also demonstrates the small number of people in Hollywood who report harassment to a supervisor. Only 23% said that following an incident they reported it to a superior. Even with massive public attention and national outcry, significant changes have not yet been made.


                  At First Response, we understand the necessity of having clear and accessible lines of reporting. OurEmployee Hotline serves to provide employees with an anonymous opportunity to securely report instances of harassment, bullying, or discrimination without the fear of retaliation. 

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