NFL Team Fined $10 Million for Toxic Culture

The Washington Football Team has been fined $10 million following an investigation into their culture by the NFL. According to a USA Today article by Mike Jones, the investigation found sexual harassment and misconduct as a pattern within the franchise. The article cites that “bullying” and “intimidation” were used, mostly against women who worked for the organization.

Management did not take appropriate action against those who were participating in this inappropriate behavior. The NFL will use the money that The Washington Football Team will pay for education on important topics like bullying. Owner, Dan Snyder, claims he was too “hands-off” as a team leader.

First Response recognizes the critical nature of ensuring that inappropriate behaviors are dealt with swiftly and following protocols. We work with you in creating systems that protect you and your employees. Our services include access to our  Employee Hotline and an HR advisor to guide you as you strengthen your workplace culture.

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