Nebraska Restaurant Pays $85,000 Over Sexual Harassment

Harassment at workplace. Manager is touching knee of his secretary.

A restaurant in Nebraska is facing a payment of $85,000 following a sexual harassment suit filed by the EEOC.  According to this My Journal Courier article, the Gretna location of the small chain El Vallarta’s will pay a former teenage employee $85,000 in addition to issuing an apology. The article cites that the young woman faced harassing behavior from her manager in addition to several other men who worked at the restaurant. In her complaint, she alleged she was grabbed inappropriately and subjected to inappropriate sexual comments about her body by a male manager and other male employees.

The young woman’s mother reached out to complain, which resulted in the manager coming to their residence, causing further stress. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled that in addition to the payment of $85,000 and an apology, the chain must provide education to their employees regarding sexual harassment. The restaurant did not comment on the situation.

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