Navigating the COVID-19 Vaccine in the Workplace

COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine

The biggest story of the year is certainly COVID-19, with the introduction of a global pandemic presenting a wide variety of complications in people’s personal and professional lives. One such complication more recently arose as the first several COVID-19 vaccines have become approved in the United States.

The major conversation around employment and the vaccine centers around if and how employers can mandate that their employees receive the vaccine before returning to work. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released a guidance on December 16, according to Ryan Golden’s HR Drive article, that stated that employees will be allowed to require proof of vaccination, with some specific exceptions to the rule.

First Response understands that in these unprecedented times challenges can arise, especially if an employee is eligible for vaccination exemptions. We’re here to help you navigate employee communication and procedures, so your decisions continue to be intentional and in-line with your long-term workplace goals.  

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