Lincoln Project Co-Founder Under Fire


The Lincoln Project’s co-founder, John Weaver, is under fire as accusations arise from 21 men who allege they received inappropriate text messages from Weaver. The Lincoln Project is a political group made up of Republicans who sought to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump.  According to the New York Times article by Maggie Astor and Danny Hakim, Weaver used his position of power to communicate with younger men, one as young as 14 years old at the time of the messaging.

In Astor and Hakim’s article, they state that since the allegations have emerged, Weaver issued a statement apologizing for his actions and will no longer take part in the Lincoln Project moving forward. The Lincoln Project claims to have not known about the severity of Mr. Weaver’s actions, though he leveraged positions at the organization as a part of his propositioning.

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