Legal Action Against Jacksonville Jaguars for Making a Hostile Working Environment

Jacksonville Jaguars

The fourth-most precise kicker, Josh Lambo, filed a lawsuit against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer, their head coach, seeking damages for emotional distress and his last year’s salary of $3.5 million.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the lawsuit claims that Lambo’s performance has been affected by being kicked and verbal abuse by Meyer.

The lawsuit alleges that Meyer and the Jaguars have created a hostile working environment. Further, it states that Lambo’s release violated Florida’s Private Sector Whistle Blower’s Act since he reported the incident to the team’s legal counsel.

According to Lambo, he was in a lunge position during the practice prior to the final exhibition game against the Cowboys team when Meyer arrived and kicked him in the leg and made rude remarks.

The lawsuit describes that Lambo made a verbal report about the incident immediately via his agent to the team’s legal counsel the next day.

The Jaguars’ statement explained that their legal counsel had immediately responded to the inquiry made by Lambo’s agent and offered to speak with or assist Lambo regarding the matter. Lambo has stated that he has no recollection of the same.

Jacksonville Jaguars terminated Meyer soon after the Tampa Bay Times revealed the incident of him kicking Lambo.

The lawsuit claims that when an employer physically attacks an employee during work and threatens to repeat the same in response to the employee’s resistance, is considered illegal under Florida civil and criminal law.

However, Meyer denied the allegation before his termination and stated that Lambo’s description of the incident was inaccurate.

Lambo further described Meyer threatened to release him because he told Meyer never to attack him again. The lawsuit alleges the incident impacted Lambo’s sleep, practice, and performance in NFL seasons.

It further claims that Meyer’s hostility had  an effect on Lambo as he abnormally missed hard and long kicks. Consequently, he was released by the team in October 2019.

The lawsuit alleges that Lambo was the only player removed from the roster by Meyer and the Jaguars because he objected to Meyer’s unlawful act.

Lambo seeks a jury trial and anticipates being awarded a verdict for his 2021 salary with interest, compensation for emotional distress, litigation fees, and reputational damage.

In addition, a request has been attached to the lawsuit to document the reports made by Jaguar employees related to Meyer’s bullying and abusive and unprofessional behavior at the workplace.

Moreover, it requests documentation regarding Meyer’s termination and its basis to see whether the termination was associated with his treatment of players, employees, and workplace behavior in the year 2021.

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