Hyundai’s Montgomery Plant’s Top Black Female Executive Terminated


Yvette Gilkey-Shuford, a former Black female executive at Hyundai’s Montgomery plant, filed a complaint with the EEOC (Equal Employee Opportunity Commission), stating that she was excluded from leadership events for a period of four years due to her race and gender.

According to the article on Advanced Local Media, Gilkey-Shuford’s lawyer, A. Davis, has stated that she was previously ranked as the top female and the Black executive at the plant. However, the company terminated her from her position last month. Further, the lawyer has stated that Gilkey-Shuford intends to file a lawsuit within a period of one month.

Further, Davis regarded her termination as a clear example of reprisal.

According to the EEOC complaint, Gilkey-Shuford commenced her career at Hyundai in 2003 and was promoted to Director of Administration in 2018 and one of nine personnel on the plant’s executive team.

Nevertheless, the complaint has further described that Gilkey-Shuford, who has an MBA, was paid nearly $15,000 less than the other member with an advanced degree.

Gilkey-Shuford had described that her department no longer had the authority over the team relations and HR department when she was promoted.

EEOC complaint claims that she was denied participation in a few management committees, for example, compensation & benefits, long-term business planning, policies, and procedures.

Moreover, Gilkey-Shuford stated that the termination occurred after submitting a draft memo to the company’s California executive management team without her knowledge.

The memorandum was related to how better the plant can recognize Pride Month and suggested changes to the company policy about the name changes for transgender employees.

However, Gilkey-Shuford claims that only her job was eradicated as a part of the restructuring decision.

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