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Many small business owners without a human resources department may be unaware of the complexity and legality of employment-related matters.

First Response can serve as a knowledgeable HR source for your business when there are questions or concerns. We offer advice and counsel on specific HR legal issues and provide relevant, practical information to assist with day-to-day responsibilities.

What is included?

  • Call an experienced HR pro with questions during normal business hours
  • Access to our HR support center with forms, guides, law look up, etc.
  • Monthly newsletters

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Employee Handbooks

HR Outsourcing and Assistance

Current written policies and procedures are important, and communicating them clearly is an ideal outsourcing project.
First Response will work with you to identify existing policies, specific legislation or industrial relations agreements impacting your organization and design a comprehensive employee manual. We have the expertise to offer a complete policy writing service to help minimize the potential for misunderstandings, loopholes and costly lawsuits.

Items often covered in employee handbooks include:


HR Assessments

HR Outsourcing and Assistance

Much of today’s employer litigation is due to flawed or non-existent written policies and procedures. A human resources assessment will evaluate your company’s policies and procedures for state and federal legal compliance and sound risk-management practices.
The First Response HR assessment process consists of on-site interviews, records review, document review and confidential report preparation. Addressing the gaps between policy and practice reduces your legal exposure and increases the efficiency and productivity of your company’s HR activities, contributes to quality improvement processes, and enhances employee satisfaction as established standards are consistently followed. First Response assessments are conducted by certified HR professionals with years of management experience in diverse industries and organizations.

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