Google Parent Company Faces Internal Scrutiny


Employees of the parent company of Google, Alphabet, have alleged that it does not provide employees who have experienced harassment with a secure environment. According to this HR Drive article by Ryan Golden, over 1,700 employees came forward to sign a letter to Google’s CEO. The letter alleged that Alphabet tends to protect accused employees rather than those who come forward to expose harassment. The letter also outlines the steps that employees would like the company to take in the future.

According to the article, Google has responded to the letter stating that they have and will continue to make changes to their protocols. However, Google was under fire in 2019 after being sued for the way it handled a sexual harassment allegation.

First Response recognizes the critical nature of responding to allegations appropriately. We wish to work alongside you to create a working environment that protects, not harms, your employees.  Our resources are provided to assist you in this process. With our services, you’ll receive education practices, an Employee Hotline, and an HR Advisor.

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