Former Six-time All-Star Kenny Lofton Sued for Sexual Misconduct

Kenny Lofton

A six-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove Award winner, Kenny Lofton, faced allegations of exposing a female worker to photos of his private area and further terminating another employee due to complaining to superiors.

According to Fox News, a former employee of Centerblock, Brandyn. Toney, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in August 2022.

The lawsuit alleges that the female employee responsible for monitoring Lofton’s Instagram account and direct message activity saw that the former MLB star was using the app to send photos of his private area to several women in the company.

Toney raised the issue to in-house counsel in February and was terminated two hours after raising the issue. The lawsuit also contends that Centerblock has not paid any of his purported $85,000 salary to Toney.

Toney’s lawyer R. L. Zambrano stated that Lofton and his company team thought they could terminate Toney for objecting to sexual misconduct, then avoid paying him for his work.

The lawsuit seeks damages against the former MLB star’s companies and executives for reprisal under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, failure to remedy/prevent harassment, breach of contract, and numerous other federal labor codes.

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