Former Employee Sues GEICO for Purportedly Violating Federal Labor Laws

GEICO Insurance Office

A former employee of GEICO’s biggest regional office in Macon sued the company for purportedly violating federal labor laws and reprisal, reported the Macon Telegraph.

Amalia Benvenutti, a customer service representative at the Macon call center, alleged the company did not pay for all the hours she worked. She further claimed that GEICO required her and fellow employees to under-report the hours worked.

The lawsuit states that Benvenutti’s actual working hours as a customer service representative were 8 hours and 15 minutes a day. However, she was paid only for 7 hours and 45 minutes, including an unpaid 30-minute lunch break.

The lawsuit further describes that the customer service representatives receive their pay based on the number of hours they logged in to the software Finesse.

The telephone call quota allocated for each employee must be achieved during the 7 hours and 45 minutes workday. Failing to meet the required quota may be considered and disciplined as poor work performance.

During Benvenutti’s three-year tenure at GEICO, responding to e-mails, booting up her office computer, and recurrent software issues compelled her to work during unpaid break time or after her shift was over.

The lawsuit states that the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and claims Benvenutti is entitled to compensation for all hours she worked that consist of unpaid overtime hours.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that GEICO is responsible for creating a hostile working environment and retaliation subsequent to her complaint made to HR and management. The company must respond to the lawsuit within three weeks.

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