Former Employee Sues Baltimore Amazon Warehouse for Discrimination


R. Shipp, a former employee at an Amazon warehouse in Baltimore County, has sued the company claiming that managers in the warehouse continuously discriminated against black employees and disciplined them severely compared to white employees for similar safety infringements.

According to Biz Journals, Shipp failed to receive a promotion due to raising his concerns regarding a warehouse area manager disciplining Black employees more critically than white employees.

Further, the discrimination allegedly reached the extent of a Black female employee being hit by a transport vehicle driven by a white female employee. The Black female employee was terminated for a safety violation. In contrast, the white employee who has six safety violations has remained in her job without being disciplined.

The lawsuit accuses the company of racial discrimination and retaliation. Thus, Shipp seeks an indeterminate amount of punitive and compensatory damages and damages for emotional distress. Further, he seeks to be reinstated and promoted to the managerial position he pursued.

Shipp has described that the facility general manager transferred him from ramp processing assistant to work in the warehouse due to raising issues. Moreover, a white employee received the promotion he had been seeking while he worked at the warehouse. According to the lawsuit, Shipp was later terminated due to working an unauthorized overtime shift.

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