Food Processing Company to Pay $5.5 Million


JBS Swift & Co., a major food processing company, will pay $5.5 million following a religious discrimination case. According to an HR Drive article by Lisa Burden,  the suit was settled after the  U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigated the treatment of Muslim workers who were denied religious accommodations. The workers were not able to pray, and water fountains were turned off during Ramadan.

The article states that about 300 workers were represented in this case. In addition to the hefty settlement, JBS Swift will be required to create training for employees, allow areas for prayer, and develop a hotline for employee complaints.

First Response believes in fostering an environment that allows all employees to thrive.  We work with you to develop systems and evaluate your practices to ensure that your business provides a fair and supportive workplace for your employees. Our services include resources that will assist you in this process, including your own HR Advisorand an Employee Hotline.

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