Environmental Group Charged with Toxic Workplace

Audubon Society

The Audubon Society, one of the most prominent environmental groups, has faced public scrutiny following an audit that has found it a toxic working environment. According to an E&E News article by Jeremy P. Jacobs, the audit found that the organization fosters a “culture of retaliation, fear and antagonism” toward women and people of color….” While there had been talk of employees feeling frustrated with the company’s attempt at diversity training, it wasn’t until an external investigation was conducted that it became fully evident that discrimination occurred in the workplace.

According to the article, the audit found that most employees interviewed spoke of discrimination towards women and people of color. Audubon’s board was responsible for bringing in an external group; they denounced the behavior and have stated that they plan to work towards transparency and have outlined their plans for creating a more equitable work environment.

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