Employers Pay $439 Million in Discrimination Suits

EEOC equal employment opportunity commission report and gavel.

In 2020, employers paid a whopping $429 million in U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discrimination suits, according to Ryan Golden’s HR Drive article. The article states that the EEOC received over 67,000 charges and resolved over 70,000. The majority of suits were retaliation charges, with some disability and race-related charges as well.

First Response understands how critical it is to the success of your business for both you and your employees to be protected.  Our goal is to assist you in creating a workplace that is inclusive and safe your employees, with opportunities for them to be educated on expectations and given a place to speak out safely if necessary. We will guide you through this process and support you along the way. Our resources include an HR advisor who will work with you to achieve and maintain your ideal company culture.

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