Employee Hotline

Our Call Center options are designed to assist employers with minimizing exposure and risk associated with handling and reporting complaints or concerns related to employee conduct such harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and bullying and workplace violence.  

We encourage employers to provide alternative means for employees to report issues that are a concern in the workplace.

Employee Hotline – we refer to as our National Call Center

For reporting complaints or concerns about harassment, discrimination, retaliation or bullying – caller may give their name or remain anonymous. However it is difficult to conduct and complete investigations for harassment, discrimination and retaliation issues without knowing who is reporting the concern.



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Our fraud system complies with: Federal Acquisition Requirements; US Federal Sentencing Guidelines; Sarbanes Oxley Section 301; OSHA (physical safety); EPA (environmental safety); DOT (transportation safety); and DOJ (fraud, theft and criminal behavior).

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