Charter Communications’ failure to do a pre-employment background check leads to death of 83-year-old woman


Charter Communications’ Failure to Monitor Cable Installing Employee Leads to Death of 83-year-old Woman

Spectrum Cable/Charter Communications was sued by the family of Betty Thomas, an 83-year-old woman who was stabbed to death in 2019. The family believes the company failed to monitor their Spectrum cable installer, which led to this incident.

Per the article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, R. Holden Jr., a cable installer, made a service call to Thomas’s family in Irving in December 2019. He returned to her home again on the next day in Spectrum uniform and drove the company vehicle with the intention of robbery.

Holden stabbed Thomas several times in the neck and forearm during the robbery. He left the body in front of the television in the living room. He told the detectives he used the Spectrum work gloves and knife belonging to Charter Communications to commit the act.  

The family of Betty Thomas claims that Spectrum/Charter Communications was negligent and failed to conduct pre-employment screening, monitor the employee, and allowed him to use the company van during non-working hours.

The civil lawsuit trial between the company and the Thomas family will be commenced on Monday.

According to the lawsuit, although the Thomas family is not requesting a specific amount, the damages exceed more than $1 million.

The company stated they are committed to customer safety, and no arrests, convictions, or any other crimes were found during the pre-employment criminal background check of Holden.

The company further stated that the employee’s work performance did not disclose any action indicating his capability of committing such a crime.

Holden informed the detectives in Irving that he had stopped at her home because he was out of money. He further explained that the woman’s repeated comments irritated him; thus, he murdered her.

The lawsuit documents further claim the company was obstructive, misled the investigators, and destroyed evidence related to the case.

In addition, the lawsuit alleged that company officials admitted that a pre-employment background check had not been conducted on Holden.

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