Changing the Rules: Working Towards Workplace Equity

Gender pay equality concept. man and woman on a stack of coins.

Conversation surrounding equality and equity surged in 2020, a year that brought many existing conversations on identity to the forefront. Frequently, the words equality and equity are used interchangeably, through their meaning and actionable steps to achieve them look quite different. Equality focuses on everyone having the same, which in theory sounds like a great step. However, if a person is already at a disadvantage then having the same as everyone else still leaves them behind. Equity focuses on providing people with what they need to be on equal ground.

This raises interesting questions regarding employment across all industries. Recently, the State of California put out a mandate that by the year 2021 public companies must appoint at least one person of a marginalized identity to their board, according to this HR Drive article. Employers have to think carefully about the opportunities they provide applicants and how they can create a more equitable process for people of all identities.

First Response can work with you to review hiring practices and ensure that your business is emphasizing equitable outcomes. Our services include an HR advisor who can support the hiring process and provide information to assist building a workplace environment that promotes equity for all employees.  

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