CBS Executives Take Leave

CBS has placed two high-level executives, Peter Dunn and David Friend, on leave following a significant investigation of its company culture. According to Hannah Yasharoff’s USA Today article, the two men were placed on administrative leave following a third-party investigation, which looked into accusations made by women and people of color regarding the toxic work environment.

A previous investigation done in 2018 was viewed by many people as a PR move, attempting to appease complaints by employees and criticism by the general public. Allegations ranged from blocking promotions for people of color to bullying behaviors to female staff members. Dunn and Friend, both in positions of power, are said to have set the stage for the company’s culture.

First Response knows how critical company culture is. We want to work with you to create an environment that is professional, equitable, and safe for all. You will have access to an HR advisor who will support you in developing and maintaining your company’s ideal environment in addition to other resources.

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