California Workers Accuse Kraft Heinz of Racism, File $30 Million Suit


Kraft Heinz is a food and beverage company located in North America with eight $1 billion brands. The company is a globally trusted source of delicious foods ranked as the fifth-largest food and beverage organization internationally. Despite its credibility, Kraft Heinz Foods Company has been accused of discrimination and racial hostility towards its workers. Three employees prepared a $30 million lawsuit with an allegation of racism by the company. The three accused the company’s management of threatening to fire them if they complained about their job roles. As a result, the company’s brand name and reputation were damaged, leading to reduced profitability and productivity. The racism incident also caused emotional and physical distress on the employees, affecting their levels of productivity. Since then, the company has implemented extensive measures to mitigate racial harassment and discrimination of workers and customers.

Discrimination in the workplace is a problem affecting many organizations. Although a culturally diverse workforce is crucial for an organization, it poses significant challenges that may affect general productivity. Discrimination also creates a poor work culture leading to counterproductive work behaviors such as arriving late for work and failing to complete tasks. However, leaders have a crucial role in promoting the awareness and worth of all employees in a diverse workplace. Senior executives should promote cultural diversity to ensure all employees feel valued and a part of the company. Promoting cultural diversity in the workplace can reduce employee turnover and absenteeism. In today’s competitive environment, cultural diversity fosters a positive work environment that improves an organization’s overall productivity.

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