AWS (Amazon) Reached a Private Settlement of $10 Million on Female Employee Harassment and Discrimination Case

AWS - Amazon

AWS (Amazon) has reached a private settlement on allegations of harassment and discrimination directed at former executive J. Burgin by a female employee of the cloud computing giant.

According to Protocol, the company has agreed to pay $10 million provided that the female employee resigns from the company. Accordingly, she resigned in January. Moreover, Burgin left AWS in December and is now employed at VMware.

The AWS spokesperson confirmed the settlement and stated that the figure was inaccurate. The spokesperson declined to comment further.

According to Protocol, at least 5 female employees filed lawsuits against Amazon regarding discrimination and harassment in 2021. The allegations stated that executives had made racist comments, and their activism resulted in withholding promotions.

Amazon hired an external party to investigate the AWS organizational culture.

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