Apple Has Fired an Employee for Speaking Against Harassment and Discrimination


The tech giant Apple has fired an employee for leading fellow peers to share the harassment and discrimination incidents on publishing platforms.

Janneke Parrish, a program manager at Apple, has stated to Reuters that the company has informed her termination for deletion of materials on company equipment while under investigation on revealing company town hall to media. However, Parrish has denied the accusations.

Parrish further stated that she deleted the apps containing her personal information and finances prior to handing over the devices for the enquiry. She firmly believes the termination was due to her movement against workplace harassment.

Parrish viewed this as pure retaliation as she has revealed the exploitations, pay equity and office conditions at Apple.

Moreover, two more employees had filed charges against Apple in September for retaliation and halting deliberations of salaries between employees.

The current and former employees have revealed the incidents of discrimination and harassment on the #AppleToo digest. Further, Parrish has stated that she never shared Apple’s confidential information on any platform.

U.S. law protects the right of employees to discuss issues regarding equal pay, working conditions and discrimination.

Although Apple has stated their high commitment to establish and sustain a healthy and inclusive company and consider all employee concerns seriously, their termination of employees without hearing their voices has proved the opposite.

Harassment, discrimination, equal employment opportunity issues and unfair pay are a few of the main concerns of the employees and the employers. We trust that you are working towards creating a better company.

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