American Professional Soccer Team Forfeits Over Homophobic Slur

No Place Here: San Diego Loyal Forfeits Over Homophobic Slur

A few weeks ago, the San Diego Loyal soccer team made headlines after forfeiting a game against the team Phoenix Rising following an incident in which one of their players was allegedly called a homophobic slur by an opposing player. Collin Martin, a player for Loyal, was incorrectly issued a red card after the referee misheard what was going on. 


The Loyal coach, Landon Donovan, openly demonstrated his frustration with the situation when speaking with the ref and the coach of the Rising. The Loyal had recently experienced a similar situation when somebody issued a racial slur towards one of their players the previous week. The second incident led to the team deciding to forfeit the match in protest of the situation and how it was handled. The league came out with a statement that it would not tolerate any inappropriate language and that an investigation was underway.


At First Response, we will work with you to ensure that as an organization, you have policies in place to support employees who experience any form of offensive or derogatory language or actions, while also working to educate and ensure that your employees know and understand company policy. Our Conduct Training provides detailed training with regard to what is appropriate within the workplace.


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