A Former Employee Sues Kansas City Royals Against Racial Discrimination and Antagonistic Working Environment


A former employee of Kansas City Royals Baseball Club in Missouri has filed a lawsuit against the team, claiming that he was terminated due to his race.

According to the court documents, C. Ross has sued the club, alleging that the team created a hostile working environment while he was employed at Kansas City Urban Youth Academy.

However, the club has denied the allegations stating that the academy has dedicated its efforts to creating better lives for youth irrespective of color, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Ross began his career with the academy as a baseball program coordinator in 2018. Further, he has stated in the lawsuit that he was terminated in July 2021 from his designation partly because he is Black.

Ross stated that although the academy’s initial intention was to serve underprivileged children of colour, the mission was shifted away by the leadership with the restructuring of the academy.

The lawsuit claims that the leadership knew he would disagree with the shift; thus, Ross was subsequently terminated from the job.

According to the lawsuit, the attorneys of Ross have stated that the club has failed to make bona fide efforts to prevent unlawful racial discrimination against employees.

Moreover, the lawsuit has specified that Ross is entitled to a substantial amount of punitive damages to punish or prevent the Kansas City Royals from similar ways in the future.

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