$18 Million Settlement Following Harassment and Discrimination Complaints


The employment watchdog EEOC has sued Activision Blizzard due to allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment.

According to the article published on Reuters, Activision Blizzard has terminated more than 20 employees, including multiple executives following a 3 year investigation by the EEOC (U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

Moreover, another 20 employees are subject to disciplinary actions due to other complaints.

During their 3-year investigation, the EEOC found that Activision Blizzard failed to take any action regarding the sexual harassment and discrimination complaints made by its employees.

As per the article published on The Verge, Activision Blizzard has agreed to an $18 million settlement as compensation for the affected employees.

Apart from the compensation fund, the company has agreed to cease any category of discriminatory practices. In addition, the company will retain a consultant to expand its compliance team to promote more accountable company culture.

Further, the company has agreed to upgrade its training and performance review process as a measure of preventing future offenses and submit to EEOC audits as necessary.

Moreover, the company has informed employees they can submit reports anonymously and maintain zero tolerance for any reprisals. The company also asserted that employees would be disciplined or terminated for violating policy.

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