The first response when workplace conduct issues arise.

Doing business in today’s environment is highly risky for employers who face litigation and lost productivity when workplace conduct issues arise. First Response provides solutions for handling complaints or concerns about employee conduct, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, diversity and inclusion, workplace violence, ethics, and theft, fraud or drugs.

First Response helps companies create respectful, productive, profitable and safe work environments, while protecting and managing your most valuable assets–your employees.

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  • We strongly advise our clients to provide their employees with a third party, non-biased reporting system to avoid the potential of complaints not being promptly reported. Far too often employees’ concerns are reported to supervisors/ managers who are not trained in what to do and what not to do. The results can often lead to unnecessary and potentially expensive litigation. The First Response National Call Center meets our requirements and has been an excellent resource for our clients.–Employment and Labor Attorney

  • The First Response National Call Center for reporting harassment, discrimination and retaliation has and continues to be appreciated by our employees by offering the 24/7 service. They can never say that no one was available or that they reported it to my supervisor and nothing happened.–Convenience Store Operator

  • For the past ten years our company has relied on First Response to reduce our liability to harassment issues. Recently an employee reported through the National Call Center that a vendor had shown her some pornographic material. We immediately used the transcript of the call provided by First Response and their experience to deal with this serious issue. First Response also provides training, background checks, and other HR services. Our company employs four hundred employees in four states.–National Service Maintenance Company

  • I want to thank First Response for their professionalism in bringing a program to our company that focuses on “Professional Workplace Conduct.” The First Response training, 24-hour call-in phone number, along with supporting procedures, provides a superior enhancement to our corporate harassment policy.–Soft Drink Bottling Company

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